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Anthony Helping 180vsME student with Sit-ups

About 180vsME

180vsME is a transformative fitness program based in Albany, NY which is built for individuals of all walks of life and fitness starting points. Anthony Snyder (Founder) and the 180 Team will guide and support you toward your unique goals for fitness, mental toughness, nutrition, and more.

Our home gym is ABC Sports & Fitness.

Training Plans

Individual Training

Starting at $450 Per Month
  • ABC Sports & Fitness Membership
  • Minimum 2 Training Days a Week
  • Ongoing Nutrition Consultation
  • Daily Workout Sheets Access

Group Classes

$ 350 Per Class
  • Group fitness class at ABC Fitness in Latham
180vsME student with Medicine Ball

At-Home Workouts

Workout Videos

180vsME Workout Videos

Workout along with Anthony in his workout videos. These videos are great for quick at-home workouts and give you the opportunity to learn the proper form for each exercise.

Full Body Workout

180vsME Full Body Workout

Follow the 180vsME full body workout worksheet to get a quick at home workout when you can’t make it to the gym.


A healthy lifestyle is a combination of exercise and nutrition. Proper nutrition helps you get the most out of every workout and reach your fitness goals.

food pyramid

180vsMe Nutrition Tips

The journey to eating right begins with some simple guidelines.

Easy Meals Anyone Can Cook

Read our list of healthy meals that anyone (yes, that means you) can cook.

Hydration - 180vsME

10 Nutrition Tips for Everyone

Check out some nutrition tips that anyone can use for a healthier lifestyle.